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Jacuzzi Hot tub Consumer reviews

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Before You Buy

Since buying a spa is not an everyday event, we've put together information to help you find the ideal hot tub for your lifestyle, at the best possible price. No hyperbole, no phony ratings, just the facts!

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Location and Available Space

Although most spas (and every model we sell) can be used indoors or outdoors in any climate, the majority of people will choose an outdoor location for their hot tub. And so, the size of spa that you select will be determined by two factors: the available space, and how many persons will be using it at one time.

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Seating Capacity Desired

Before you even begin shopping, decide how many people you would like to entertain in your new hot tub. When relatives and friends visit, you might not want to have to ask them to take turns enjoying the spa.

On the other hand, if you have a small family unit, or prefer to enjoy your spa in solitude, a smaller spa may be ideal for your needs.


Decide where you would like to put your spa. One trick for envisioning outdoor locations is to outline the hot tub's dimensions with a rope or garden hose. This will give you a visual perspective and help make the decision easier.

As you imagine how it will look, be sure to consider: accessibility of the users, proximity to the electrical service, privacy, and view.

indoor spaSite Prep

Electrical Hookup

All of our SuperTub vinyl-liner and most LifeCast* unicast roto-molded spas are plug-n-play 120V models which operate on standard 15 amp household outlets. (Some other brands require non-standard 20 amp circuits). Most acrylic spas are designed to operate on hard-wired 220-240V power service.
*LifeCast unicast spas models are convertible 120/240V

A 240 volt electrical service results in much more rapid heating and is considered to be best for permanent installations of acrylic spas. 240V systems must be wired by a qualified electrician and require a GFCI-protected circuit and spa disconnect panel for safety.

Contrary to popular belief, there is only a slight advantage in electrical efficiency with a 220 volt installation. Again, the real advantage is reduced heating time.

deckTypes of Spa Construction

Form Factors

Today there's a variety of form factors available for home spas. You can choose a lightweight plug-n-play vinyl-liner spa, a larger roto-molded spa, or a variety of traditional acrylic portable hot tubs.

Entry Level

The lightweight spas in this class can be taken anywhere, and are very easy to set up and take down. They are ideal for people on a budget, or those who don't have a lot of space available for a larger spa.

These are vinyl liner spas featuring barrier free, open seating designs. This means the users sit almost weightlessly, on the padded bottom of the hot tub, since this form factor does not have molded seats. These spas, such as our SuperTub series, are designed for use indoors or outdoors. They're plug-n-play units, operating on standard 110-120V 15A household power outlets. No plumbing is required. Max temperature is 104° F.

Light portable spas Dream Maker unibody spas acrylic spas no-float lounger design
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