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Jacuzzi whole Home Tankless water heater


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We are getting ready to replace the 80 gallon hot water heater the builder installed and were considering two tankless electric units because our home is rather large. The way it works now the hot water has to flow from the tank about 80 feet to the master bath so it takes a few to get warm. Would a 3GPM unit be enough to supply the master bath, It has a shower, twin sinks and a jacuzzi tub. I was considering a 6 or 8 GPM unit for the rest of the house which would run the other 3 baths, dishwasher, laundry room, game room and outside deck/BBQ area. We have 4 people now currently living in the home but we frequently have guests so we don't want to under power. We could easily have another line run from the pool showers to the BBQ area which is powered by a propane unit instead. Any one have experience with these?

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Tanked or tankless water heaters have about the same wait time for hot water. The tankless water heaters heat the water almost instnatly. It might add a few seconds, but it is not noticable.

If you want no wait, install those valves the feed the cooled water from your hot water lines into the cold water line. It will cost more to run your water heater, but you will alwyas instantly have hot water and you do not waste water running the shower waiting for it it warm up.

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