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Hotel Spa Jacuzzi Costa Brava

Porto Cristo Hotel and the Hotel Cap de Creus complete its offers with a spa services and massage treatments in Port de la Selva. We want to be your choice with the most comprehensive offer if you’re looking for a spa hotel in the Costa Brava.

The Wellness Spa is the perfect complement for those weekends or romantic getaways.
Treat yourself to a health and wellness stay. Our qualified staff will advise you on the most suitable treatment for you.

Enjoy an exclusive stay and pamper yourself with a personalized treatment.

Both of our hotels offer you a SPA and a massage room.

Area WELLNESS-SPA: Jacuzzi, Shower and Finnish Sauna

The SPA is a relaxing space with wood finishes and natural light which includes: Jacuzzi, thalassotherapy showers, hot sauna and loungers.

We provide you with towels, bathrobes and slippers at the SPA.

JACUZZI: The hot tub has several seating areas and waterfalls. There are multiple benefits of using the hot tub as it helps to soothe the physical and muscular pain, eliminates toxins and improves circulation. It is advisable to supplement the use of the hot tub with cold showers and sauna.

SAUNA:: Dry sauna provides temperatures between 80° and 90°C and a minimum humidity, never exceeds 20%. The sauna will free toxins through sweating and will activate blood circulation.

THALASSOTHERAPY SHOWERS: The Spa at Hotel Cap de Creus offers a saltwater shower that provides all the benefits of the sea. You can combine the cold shower with the shower 40°C.The Spa of the Porto Cristo Hotel offers showers with regular water.


Currently SPA service is available exclusively for in-house guests.

The SPA is used by reservation, an exclusive session for you and your companion with a duration of 1 hour for 2 people. The price is 30€ for 2 people.

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