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Reviews Jacuzzi Tankless water heaters

With our tankless water heater ratings, you can cut through all of the sales hype and find value. We have researched the brands from every part of the world and using our years of hvac industry service experience provided our unique system of ratings. It truly is like taking a repairman with you while you shop! We have given you our top picks followed by complete lists of manufacturers and their ratings.

World's Best Electric Tankless Water Heater:

Our top pick is from ECOSMART. These units are available in a wide range of sizes and are backed by a very good guarantee.

They feature a modulating control that monitors incoming water temperature, flowrate, and your desired temperature at a rate of 60 times per second.

The units can be purchased directly through the manufacturer's website.

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SplashNet 7' x 8' Spa Solar Blanket
Lawn & Patio (SplashNet)
  • Measures: 7 x 8
  • Can warm spa water by up to 15f
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Reduces heating bills
  • 8-mil thick
American Royal 85K BTU Stainless Steel Pool / Hot Tub Heat Exchanger - Outdoor Wood Boiler
Home Improvement (American Royal)
  • For Outdoor Wood Boiler/Solar Applications
  • Capable of up to 85, BTU s - perfect for hot tubs
  • Shell and Tube, 316 Stainless Steel - Designed for Chlorinated Systems
  • Ports on opposite sides for better heat transfer
  • For hot tubs/spas/jacuzzi s up to 6, US Gallons
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