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Jacuzzi water heaters

jacuzzi 4Kw Hard water elementNote: Jacuzzi Water Heaters are electric elements that cannot under any circumstances be on if there is no water running over it or even just surrounding it.

The first thing that will happen is that it will burn a hole in the Jacuzzi Water Heater casing, after that the power should immediately trip and the element will POP (Burn a hole in the element, if this happens you should hear a loud popping sound.) If you need professional assistance with installing your Jacuzzi Water Heater please Click Here Now!!

The Jacuzzi Hard Water Heating Element is one of the components that get replaced the most often. Sometimes when used incorrectly the Jacuzzi Water Heater will make a popping sound and the lights will trip.

It is very common for Swimming Pool Companies to install Geyser Elements in to the Jacuzzi Water Heater Casing. This will result in the element breaking much quicker than usual.

Inside water you find microscopic particles of metal and other impurities. Flowing over the heated Jacuzzi Water Heater it tends to puncture it after a few hours.

Bellow is an example of an Geyser Element.


Jacuzzi Water Heaters come in three sizes: 2 KW, 3 KW, 4 KW. Of which only the 2 KW and 3 KW Jacuzzi Water Heaters can be plugged in to a normal house plug. (It should be attached to at least a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker in your houses main DB.)

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