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Solar Hot Tub

Hot Tub Electricity Costs

How much your hot tub costs to operate depends on your model of hot tub, local climate and your local electricity or gas rates. For a four season climate, most estimates are that a hot tub adds an average of $60-$90 per month to your electricity bill, while some estimates for the winter months are as high as $150. Using the $60-$90 estimates, that is $720-$1, 080 per year. Assuming conservatively that the Sunbank Solar Hot Tub Kit could provide 50% of your heating needs, that gives you a ballpark estimated payback of 3-5 years. In places with especially good solar resources and/or especially high electricity rates, this payback will be shorter. After that 3-5 years, the Sunbank Solar Hot Tub Heater Kit is paying you in the form of savings.

How It Works

There are two ways that a Sunbank can be integrated with your hot tub: either directly integrated into the hot tub plumbing or as an independent system with a heat exchanger. Which is correct for you depends on a couple of variables and a Sunbank representative will be happy to work through those with you. The correct sizing of the system will depend on the location specific details of your installation and the size of your hot tub. Contact a Sunbank Representative for more information.

If your hot tub is located in a place that gets a lot of sunlight then you can set up the Sunbank right there. If the roof above or the yard next to the hot tub is the best place, that will work as well.

Simple Installation

This is a very simple retrofit and can be installed in one day. Sunbank will supply you with an installation manual and either you or your local handyman can do the installation.

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