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Jacuzzi water heater parts

balboa-titanium-heater-in-a-spa-system-How do you know when it’s time to replace specific parts of your Spa Heater? Spa water temperature will probably be your first clue!

When a hot tub becomes a cool tub, what should you look for, besides a clean spa filter, good water level and a running pump?

Flow Switches tell the heater if there is enough water flow into the heater element and to safely power the heater element. It senses the flow of the water that passes through, and has two wires that connect into the control panel. A flow switch can get stuck; open when it should be closed or closed when it should be open.

Wire shorts and loose connections are prime examples of a common cause of problems with spa and hot tub heaters.

spa-and-hot-tub-flow-switchYou can isolate the flow switch from the circuit to determine if the flow switch is to blame for any problems in the spa heater. This means that you can remove it from the circuit, or bypass the current that runs to the flow switch, to see if the spa heater will operate without the flow switch. If so, replace the switch.

Pressure Switches can have issues as well. If water flow or pressure proves to be insufficient to absorb enough heat from the heater element, a pressure switch will shut down the spa heater in an effort of self-preservation. If you need to replace a spa pressure switch, you’ll quickly note that there are over 40 pressure switches to select from.

spa-and-hot-tub-pressure-switchYou’ll need to be sure to replace your pressure switch with an exact duplicate, or adjust to match existing pressure settings.

Heater elements are wire filaments that are wrapped in insulating powder and surrounded by a sheath, and are located in the heating chamber, usually a stainless steel cylinder. Power leads connect to the element, and when properly connected, power should heat up the element and warm the spa water.

Ohm meters are used for testing the heater element for a short circuit. Test on the lowest setting, and then measure the resistance of the terminals. An infinite reading on the meter means that there is no continuity to ground; a good thing.spa-hot-tub-heater-elements One helpful piece of advice is that there is NO in between – heater elements either are good or bad.

Exercise caution when any testing of spa elements is done. Spa heaters should be grounded and GFCI protected before connecting to the power. Spa elements can be tested for amperage using an amp meter, and the terminals can be tested for proper input voltage with a volt meter. If the heater element is leaking water from the terminals, it should be replaced to prevent electric shock.

Speaking of leaking, Heater Unions can also have issues with leaks. If the spa heater leaks at either end of the union, inspect the internal o-ring and gently tighten the nut. If the union nut is cracked, it can be replaced fairly easily.

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