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Jacuzzi Tankless water heater Reviews

I've just spent the past 2 hours reading posts about tankless water heaters here on GW. We WERE all set to have a Bosch system installed next week. But after reading all of these reviews, I'm going to tell the plumber to hold off.

The preponderance of comments have been negative about tankless units. Is anyone happy with theirs? And I haven't read a single good comment about the Bosch.something about a bad design and water flow.

Our plumber has done a great job so far on a complete house renovation. He says he has installed tankless heaters before, and he initially recommended Rheme. Then our plumber supply rep who is supplying all of our plumbing needs for the house recommended Bosch. When we asked the plumber about Bosch, he said that would be good too. So go figure.does anyone really know???!!!

I might add that we are down-sizing from a 3600 to 1800 square ft. house (including basement). We decided to go tankless because of space constraints and the fact that we'll be traveling half of the year.

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