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Jacuzzi Tankless water heater installation cost


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Originally Posted by Bakeneko Is that always the case though? I first came across a tankless water heater when we lived in Japan and we had a switch (like a light switch) to turn on the unit. We only did that when we were ready to take a shower or bath. ( We didn't have a dishwasher and most Japanese don't use hot water for washing clothes )

One time when I was down at the prop managment co paying my rent, another American couple came in and didn't understand their hot water heater. I ended up jumping in and explaining to them where it was and how it worked. The Japanese agent then asked why Americans were always to confused about the water heater.which lead to an explanation of how our water heaters work. The Agent was really confused as to why we heat a big tank of water all the time, when we are slaaping, at work, on vacation etc... and I had to admit that yeah, I know it doens't really make sense!

I have to love the thinking here! Why do we Americans spend all that money to keep water hot when we aren't using it? Now that makes more sense then anything! Only trouble is we still haven't quite figured out an efficient or cost effective way to heat water any other way including the tankless water heater. After reading the pros and cons regarding the tankless so far it isn't a perfect answer! So we need a good invention here!

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I recently got a new water heater. I looked into tank-less, but went with a regular tank. The reason, the tank-less was too costly and didn't save much, if any, money. The tank-less would have cost four times more to buy, cost at least double to install, and would have required a larger natural gas line and a new flue liner (or relocation of plumbing to an outside wall).

Plus I didn't like the idea of having no hot water if the electric was out (a recent storm knocked out the power for several days, but I had hot water the whole time the lights were out).

There are very few tank-less units in my area. Even the new expensive homes don't have them, mostly they have larger tank models (70 gallon vs the regular 40 gallon)or two tanks.

It one of those things that would be a better idea if they weren't so expensive.

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Originally Posted by Coldjensens

They will get cheaper as they become more common.

I'm sure they are much cheaper in countries where they are commonly used.

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