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Jacuzzi Bathtub Prices

The Jacuzzi® Finestra™ Therapy Walk in Bathtubs are designed to provide safe and convenient access for a comfortable bathing experience in homes throughout metro Atlanta and north Georgia. Equipped with the latest Jacuzzi technology and a variety of standard safety features such as grab bars and slip-resistant flooring, the Finestra Therapy Walk In Bathtub features a precision-close double-sealed door with a new magnetic latching system that locks out leaks and water loss, and an integral seat in two heights of 14-inch or 17-inch.

Offering the soothing massaging action of the patented jets, along with the ability to fine-tune your experience from stimulating to serene—the Finestra Walk In Bathtubs are available as Soaking Baths, Whirlpool, Pure Air™, and Salon™ Spas. Learn more at Finestra Walk In Bathtubs about additional Luxury Collection Baths from Jaccuzzi.

Competitive walk-in tub pricing includes a solid warranty and shipping and installation costs giving you the peace of mind that comes with protecting your independence. Installation costs are dependent upon the layout and design of your home, and require a personal in-home evaluation to assess. The electrical, plumbing and physical layout of the home all play a role in proper and safe installation of your walk in tub. We offer a free in-home consultation where a trained representative will discuss your needs, evaluate the installation requirements in your home, and give you a firm price estimate for the Jacuzzi walk-in tub installation before he leaves.

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