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Jacuzzi bath Liverpool

air bath at Windsong Hollow Ranch in Liverpool, TexasEach of our cottages features a luxury, two person air bath tub, which provides a very different experience from a traditional Jacuzzi tub. Millions of tiny bubbles will rise from the bottom of the air tub to caress your body and renew your senses. Relax as you soak in our complimentary soothing bath crystals. Our luxury air baths also include underwater mood lighting for added indulgence.

Floor jets send a gentle stream of soft, bubbly
air to the surface. Tiny bubbles from the air jets provide a lower pressure massage more suited for a soft tissue caress. Softer air jets are more soothing and relaxing because they do not create the harsh pounding sensation you experience in a traditional jacuzzi tub.

The water is not re-circulated through the lines and a dual automatic purge cycle ensures the lines are kept clean.

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