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There are many reasons why the shower cabin is considered as the ultimate experience when it comes to showering. The reason behind it is the fact that these cabins are moulded from very high quality materials. It is a single unit that is compact and secure. Inside it you will find different showers such as hand shower, monsoon shower, hydro back jets, which can be adjusted to different strengths or heights, internal towel rail, seat, radio, lighting and sometimes even a small mirror. Through your own shower cabin you can have an indoor sauna experience without ever going to spa.

Your Spa Inside a Shower

This means that you can come home late at night, tired and stressed from work and just slip into your own shower cabin for a relaxing steam or hot massaging shower. A shower cabin is also a wonderful addition to any bathroom; it works with in any room since the water is contained inside the cabin. So it is also a perfect way to create an outdoor bathroom, say in the garden or near your pool or jacuzzi area, or even in a bedroom if you are always fighting for the bathroom in the mornings.

This guide will come in handy when it’s time to choose your shower cabin:

1. Consider the space in your bathroom- a shower cabin will work well even with a small or cramped space. This is perfect if you’re living inside a studio or an apartment building.

2. What is it for? Is this going to be the main shower or would you want it as a separate shower area for the pool, jacuzzi or spa?

3. Take note of the wall and its position – this will help you determine where you can house the enclosure. The good thing about shower cabins is that they can do well in corners or even the center of the wall. There are also different shapes that you can make use – such as the “D shaped” one to make it fit the kind of space you have.

Live a Little

Shower cabins can be modified to suit all kinds of preferences and requests. Some people want trays inside the actual cabin as well as a seat so that it can be turned into a mini sauna. Understand of course, that the more features you want to add, the higher the cost is going to be. However, it’s also important to consider that you are adding all of these features for your safety and enjoyment. It’s going to be you and your loved ones who will be enjoying the shower cabin during the weekends or at night before going to bed.

That said, these days all in one self-contained units can be purchased off the shelf, so no additional works required apart from putting it together and connected to power and water supply.

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