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Jacuzzis, Hot tub repair

I would advise anyone who gets caught up by his friendly demeanor to ask for a quote before he slaps you with an invoice that you aren't ready for so you don't end up in the same position as me.


Steve initially provided good service on his first service call.

After I called him to diagnose my hot tub a second time a few months later, he mis-diagnosed a defective topside control and charged me $176 for the part plus his labor charge to diagnose the issue. Next he charged me another labor charge to install and then identified the part as defective. I let Steve know that the same TopSide control was listed for $100 but he refused to install any products that he doesn't order.

At this point I assumed he is adding profit to his cost on products that was a bit excessive.

I paid him $376 based on the invoice and he said he would deduct it from the new Circuit board that he ordered. I asked him how much this would cost and he said "i'm not sure but I already ordered it."

To my surprise the circuit board cost on his invoice was $375 and the same circuit boards cost $300 on Amazon. Steve again said that he only installs parts that he orders and he sent me an email that he will be refunding me $176 (a little less than half the cost of the invoice). I agreed.

After not receiving my refund after a couple of weeks, I left him several messages, texts, and emails. He finally responded that he will be deducting an additional -15% restocking fee, as well as UPS return fee (for the circuit board that I never received a quote on and was +$75 more than the same circuit board online).

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Pentair Pentair R38008 Basket Assembly Replacement Pool Skimmer and Pump
Lawn & Patio (Pentair)
  • Basket assembly replacement
  • Fits Pentair Hayward 1070, Pentair pool products Bermuda 516112 pool skimmers and pumps
  • Also fits Pentair Swimquip U3, Jacuzzi 4138, Aladdin B-9 pool skimmers and pumps
  • Measures 12-1/4-inch length by 32-1/4-inch height by 14-1/4-inch width
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