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Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tubs common leaks repair

At Res-Q Plumbing we specialize in the installation and repair of Whirlpool Jacuzzi jet tubs and can help you and your family realize and maintain this dream home improvement. Our team of highly-trained plumbers have been providing residential jet tub service and support for several years and have earned our reputation of honesty and integrity. Whether you have just made this exciting purchase and need it to be expertly and professionally installed, or, you are experiencing a malfunction in your jet tub, the team at Res-Q Plumbing can help. Our highly-trained plumbers are very familiar with all models of jet tubs, our team can expertly install a new system, as well as maintain and repair the system you have.

What Are Some Plumbing Problems I Might Have With My Jet Tub?

Just like any appliance in your home, your jet tub will require some sort of repair eventually. There are some problems that will arise with your spa that require little effort to repair, while other could require a lot of work and expense. In any case, you should always call the qualified and experienced team at Res-Q Plumbing for support with your jet tub.

  • Pump Replacement: The most common repair to a jet tub is replacing the pump. The pump is the part of your jet tub that moves, and sometimes heats, the water. Depending on the model of your tub, you might have more than one pump. Replacing the pump is a delicate process and can be complicated by the fact that access to the pump is not always the most convenient. Successfully replacing your jet tub pump requires an in-depth knowledge of jet tub pump motors and should always be done by a professional. It is possible to cause damage to your tub and your plumbing if the wrong pump is installed, or if the pump is installed incorrectly.
  • Leaks: Another common issue you might have with your jet tub is leaking. While this is not very common, it does happen and can cause damage to your flooring and fixtures if left unrepaired. Typically, a leak will come from the pump couplings or o-rings. However, sometimes the problem can be far more complicated, making it important to always consult a professional for proper diagnosis. Leaks are very difficult to trace back to the source and can cause a lot of destruction in the meantime. Consulting with the experts at Res-Q Plumbing can help to minimize the potential for missing a problem and causing further damage.

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