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Jacuzzi Whirlpool faucet repair

Jacuzzi J-300 Hydrotherapy Pump

The Origins of Jacuzzi

You have to go back to the middle of the 20th century to see how Jacuzzi's storied history took shape. In 1956, the Jacuzzi family created a portable hydrotherapy pump to help treat a family member's painful arthritis. After the hospital community learned of this gadget's remarkable success, it embraced the technology of the pump (called the J-300) and its health benefits. Patients and their joint pain were then treated on a wide scale.

In 1968, Jacuzzi incorporated the hydrotherapy pump into the inside walls of its tubs, which created the first ever self-contained whirlpool. A new industry was born, setting the table for Jacuzzi's next advancement. In 1970, Jacuzzi added heating and filtration systems to its tubs in order to keep them clean and warm. Thus, the first outdoor spa was created.

Jacuzzi Fuzion Collection TubsToday, Jacuzzi features an expanded luxury tub environment, with four types of therapeutic tubs. A Jacuzzi soaking tub is the most common type of tub, and this basic concept is Jacuzzi's foundation for hydrotherapy tubs. Jacuzzi Pure Air tubs range from a bubbly champagne-like experience to a steadier stream of bubbles, depending entirely on the setting chosen by the user.

Next, Jacuzzi Whirlpool tubs feature jets that are strategically placed to target major muscle groups for a full massage. Finally, the Jacuzzi Salon Spa is Jacuzzi most advanced and luxurious tub option, combining Jacuzzi's Pure Air and Whirlpool technologies. The user can choose from more than a dozen unique experiences to be tailored to any unique setting for the ultimate in hydrotherapy.

Jacuzzi Real Collection Tub DetailJacuzzi features multiple different installation types for its tubs. The most common type of tub is the Jacuzzi drop in tub. For installation, these tubs are simply lowered into a framed enclosure, and they also include Jacuzzi's largest variety of available sizes and shapes.

Similar to the drop in tub is Jacuzzi's undermount tub. The undermount tub is also set into an opening, and the finishing materials are designed to cover the lip of the tub. This helps to create a distinctly professional and modern appearance.

The first type of tub ever created by man was the freestanding tub. And, despite hundreds of many years of technological advances, the freestanding tub remains a favorite, to which Jacuzzi can attest. The classic clawfoot design is incredibly popular, as is the more modern European design.

For our aging population, Jacuzzi's walk in tub is designed to provide safe, secure, and easy tub access. Baby Boomers are opting to remain in their homes longer, and a walk in tub is an outstanding option.

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