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Jacuzzi tub repair Los Angeles

Keeping It Cool

Being one of the first pool service companies to make the online marketing push was what really turned this company into the success that it is today.

Owner Bryan Barnes says that as a company based in Los Angeles, LA Pool Guys has already dealt with all types of clients: A-List celebrities, college campuses, home owners associations, parks, and residential and commercial clients, among many others. However, to keep them satisfied, Bryan holds professionalism as key.

It is silly to think that problems will never come up. With any service business, you will always have issues arise. The difference is taking care of them when they do come up in a professional manner and as quick as possible.

Bryan was helped by a college roommate in starting up the business venture. Together, they went door to door and called magazines to pick up residential and commercial accounts and cinch clients.

With the mantra of "Taking service to a higher level, " LA Pool Guys takes on the charted waters of the Internet by putting up their website, where their clients can reach them with just one click. Aside from word of mouth, Bryan also prides the company's success with this resolve.

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