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Jacuzzi tub repair Denver

Hot Tub Service DenverInternational Hot Tub does not contract out any of our spa services. We have factory trained certified technicians for all your hot tub repair needs. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and testing. We also do hot tub repair on other brands. International Hot Tub guarantees all work completed by our technicians.

Please complete the form at the bottom to request a service call.

Please provide the Make / Model / Year if you know this information. Then briefly describe the problem you are having. We can go into more detailed information on the phone.

Once you submit the form, our service specialist will contact you to see if your issue can be resolved over the phone, or if you need a technician to come to your home. We will also answer any questions you may have at that time.

We look forward to serving you soon.

HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. If you leave a message on the weekend, your call will be returned on Monday.

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Keeney Manufacturing Keeney K831-3 3-Inch Replacement Silicone Flapper Seal, Clear
Home Improvement (Keeney Manufacturing)
  • Replacement seal
  • Silicone
  • Fits K833-1, FlushAll(K835-9), K835-10 and K835-12 flapper.
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy install
Fluidmaster Fluidmaster 540AKRP5 3-Inch Complete Flush Valve and Flapper Repair Kit
Home Improvement (Fluidmaster)
  • Easy adjustable overflow tube eliminates the need for cutting and can be set to meet OEM specifications
  • Installs Easily
  • 5 Year Warranty
Korky Korky 3040BP Red Cadet Toilet Flapper, 3-Inch
Home Improvement (Korky)
  • Fits American Standard toilet models: 2403, 4007, 4019, 4021 and 4027
  • Engineered materials resist chlorine
  • 5 year warranty
NuFlush Fits Toto, Gerber, Mansfield, Crane, Jacuzzi, American Standard and Kohler.
Home Improvement (NuFlush)
  • Best toilet fill valve on the market.
  • Soft Rubber flapper Valve for the best seal.
  • Overflow extension tube to put more water power in your toilets flush.
  • Change your toilet into a power flusher.
  • Change how your toilet flushes. with the best toilet parts money can buy.
Keeney Keeney Flush Valve (K835-12)
Home Improvement (Keeney)
  • Fits Toto, Gerber, Mansfield, Crane, Jacuzzi and any flush valve with similar outlet size
  • For 3 toilet repair
  • Includes adjustable water saving flapper with timing cone No cut overflow tube adjusts from 8 to 12.5
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