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Spa Repair

Jacuzzi tub repair cost

If your hot tub is making noises like humming or whining, more than likely this is due to your pump. If you notice leaks around the pump, this often indicate a failure of the pump seals. You will likely observe a puddle of water below the pump when these seals fail. When looking for a professional, find someone that can rebuild your motor or pumps, if necessary. It's much less expensive to rebuild than it is to replace.

Jet Problems

If your jets are acting up, you may have calcification due to hard water and once your professional gets that fixed for you, they may recommend that you start adding a water softener to your tub in order to maintain proper jet function. Erratic jet function and lack of water pressure are also other common problems and these normally deal with your filter and pump.

Spa Issues

If you're finding there are power problems with your hot tub, this could be an electrical problem with your fuses, wiring, heating element or even the thermostat. You could have problems with your circuit board or your breaker. In these cases, your hot tub professional may be able to fix minor problems, but you may need an experienced electrician to address things like your circuit breaker.

Blower Issues

If the speed of your jets and blower are erratic, this is also probably an electrical problem that has to do with your motor or pump. Again, looking for someone that can actually fix your pump in the form of a rebuild, if necessary, is far more advantageous than just replacing the pump outright. Of course, if your unit is old or if the motor or pump are seriously damaged beyond repair, a new unit may be the only way to go.

Frame and Cabinet

Spa frames are normally made from wood and the cabinets are usually wood or plastic. Frame damage is usually catastrophic to the spa, as a broken frame usually quickly results in a broken shell. If you catch it early enough it may be possible for a carpenter to repair the frame. This is not something that your plumbing professional can do so you may need to hire a carpenter if this is also an issue for you.Refer a Pro who does this service and receive an Amazon Gift Card!

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