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Jacuzzi shower Base repair

A flexing shower base can cause leaks around your drain opening.A flexing shower base can cause leaks around your drain opening.

A squeaking shower base can be an annoying and potentially damaging bathroom problem. When shifting weight in the shower causes squeaks and groans, there is likely an unequal distribution of weight against your subfloor. While a complete fix may require removing the shower base, you can do a few things to attempt to repair a squeaking shower base.

Check for Leaks

A squeaking shower base can indicate a leak or long-term water damage. Before attempting any remedies, check your drain and water lines for any signs of loose fittings or damaged pipes. If you can gain access to the area beneath your bathroom floor, check the subfloor and joists for mold or mildew that would indicate a problem. Fix all leaks before tackling your squeak.

Shimming the Shower Base

Shims are small pieces of wedge-shaped wood that are placed between two materials to take up space. Shims can be placed between your shower base and the subfloor to prevent rocking of the base with shifting weight. A package of shims can be purchased at most any home improvement store. Gaining access to the area beneath the shower base requires removing part of the bathroom floor around the base. Have someone stand in the shower and attempt to duplicate the squeak as you shim up the base. Insert shims between your shower base and subfloor anywhere you see a gap.

Shimming the Subfloor

Oftentimes shower squeaks are actually floor squeaks, occurring between the subfloor and the wooden floor joists beneath the subfloor. To remedy a squeak between the subfloor and joists, you will need to gain access to the area beneath your bathroom floor. For a second-floor bathroom, this entails removing the ceiling from the first floor under the tub. For a first-floor bathroom, the homeowner will have to gain access to the basement or crawl space to reach the joists without removing the shower. The subfloor can then be shimmed between the joists and floor in the area beneath the shower.

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