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Jacuzzi repair service Philippines

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Are you experiencing any of these common problems?

My spa has green mold formation

This may indicate that the water is out of balance and filters may need a cleaning. Insure the chlorine level, pH, alkalinity, and hardness are within acceptable paramaters. Inspect the filter and strainer baskets - clean as needed. Low sanitizer along with excessive contaminants and a dirty filter will result in algae-spore proliferation requiring elevating the sanitizer level to oxidize the organic matter. First adjust the alkalinity level to an 80-120ppm range. Secondly, adjust the pH into 7.2-7.6 range for optimal empowerment of the sanitizer. For Bromine or Chlorine (never mix these two), elevate to over 5ppm temporarily and vigorously brush the algae off the walls, fixtures and floor. Clean the filter and circulate. An algaecide may also be added if the infestation is extreme. Algae gets a foothold typically when the residual sanitizer is depleted. As an organic plant life it naturally wants to grow. If the total hardness or TDS of the water is too high - then we recommend draining and lightly chlorine-wash the empty spa. For professional repair or advice, give us a call today.

My spa runs but does not heat to my desired temperature

This can be very disappointing to discover. If this is the case with your spa, we advise that you call a repair professional to assist you. The main sources of failure can be - the control box, the contact relay system, a dirty cartridge filter, spa-side control failure, a thermostat issue, pressure-switch or heating element malfunction. With all these possibilities a sequential diagnostic procedure is necessary to eliminate each possibility until the open circuit is discovered. Homeowners typically try cleaning the filter and seeing if enough flow is established to close the pressure switch, or check the breaker on the main service panel and confirm that it is still in the 'on' position. The GFCI switch may be off due to an electrical issue. Check the topside control keypad and insure the indicator lights are enabled and thermostat properly set. If these procedures do not restore operation, call our spa or hot tub repair professional to perform an analysis - we can get your water back to hot in no time.

My spa consumes too much energy

There are some things you can do to minimize electrical costs yet still enjoy your therapeutic spa. Most of the costs incurred are due to heating up the water, so how can you save in this way? The most important is by having a safe and solid spa cover on your tub. This will not only insulate, but will prevent evaporation and heat loss from wind, sun and air. A side benefit will be that the sanitizer will not be destroyed by the ultraviolet light, and the water and shell will stay much cleaner. Another consideration is to minimize the use of air-inducted jets. Aeration introduces ambient air temperate to the water, cooling it down. Some ingenious spa manfacturers...

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