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Jacuzzi repair New Jersey

Cosmetic Pool RepairCosmetic Fiberglass and Boat Repair applies the same process and care we give to our yacht and boating customers as we do our commercial pool manager and homeowner customers with jacuzzi and pool repair needs. Whether you have a large or small pool, jacuzzi, hot tub or water slide, our crew will have you splishing and splashing again in no time!

With over 27 years of experience, Lamont and his team of professionals will come to your location and identify the problem areas and then be able to repair any fiberglass or related problems. The most common repair results from pools being improperly drained or drained too low, allowing hydrostatic pressure to rupture the pool structure. We can of course handle more minor repairs as well, including:

  • Repair Cracks
  • Remove Blisters/Bubbles
  • Stop Leaks
  • Re-Coat for a New Gel Coat Finish

Our professionals at Cosmetic Fiberglass & Boat Repair can repair and resurface anything fiberglass or with a gel coating at a fraction of the cost of replacement.Cosmetic Hot Tub Spa Repair In addition to boats, bathtubs & showers, and planes, we can also repair or resurface the following:

  • Jacuzzis/Hot Tubs
  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Residential Swimming Pools
  • Pool & Spa Combinations
  • Water Slides

Our customers count on us to help them enjoy their creature comforts, and do so confidently with our 1 year warranty — proof that we stand behind our products and services 100%. Our owner, Lamont, will be on hand to personally work on your project because he takes pride in his craftsmanship and knows that referrals are the highest form of flattery, but only come by way of a job well done.

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