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Jacuzzi repair Concord CA

I felt so strongly about my five-star review that I am posting it as Arnold is pulling away from the curb.

I have a refurbished spa @ 10 years of its' second life. It had its first break down this past weekend. It could have been anything from a bad air switch to a failing board. It was beyond my limited ability to identify, plus the spa is on a dedicated 220V line - it could kill me if I stuck my hand into the wrong place.

Arnold diagnosed and fixed the problem within 15 minutes - a bad relay in the control box - approx $150 total parts and labor.

Understandably, for his safety here and now, and my family's, in the future, he strongly recommended adding a GFCI to the electrical box. Codes are updated, and I missed the memo the last time my panel was upgraded.

I thanked him profusely, and assured him that, even though the spa is working, it will not be used until that issue is addressed by a licensed electrician.

I got more advice on the care and feeding of my spa, and how to conserve electricity, than I got from the company who installed the spa in the first place.

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