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Jacuzzi pump repair Parts

dallas spa partsAt Dolphin we are the Hot Tub part Experts! We stock many parts from Jacuzzi, Sundance, Caldera, and Artesian. We also stock other generic parts found in many brands of Hot Tubs. Our industry associations give us unmatched access to manufacturers and vendors for the replacement parts that you need. Our years of experience with Hot Tubs means we can get you the right part if we don’t have it. We have filters, air blowers, heaters, controls, pillows, jets, and many more replacement parts!

  • Hot Tub Air Blowers - These provide the bubbles that come up from the bottom of the hot tub that make all the bubbly fun! Sometimes they supercharge the jets on an in-ground plaster Hot Tub.
  • Hot Tub Filter Cartridges - We stock an overwhelming number of replacement filters. Our Jacuzzi and Sundance filters are the original factory equipment, so you can be sure of the size and quality of construction. We have generic filters for many types of hot tubs, and can get so many more via cross-reference.
  • Hot Tub Filter Parts - We have replacement weirs, lids, latches, filter bags, and many of the parts you may need for your Hot Tub filter.
  • Hot Tub Circuit Boards - These are the brains of newer Hot Tub control systems. We keep many of them in stock, and have many more that we can acquire for you.
  • Hot Tub Electrical Parts - There are many different fuses and transformers used on Hot Tubs. We have a wide selection of them, and can order any electrical part that you need for your Hot Tub.
  • Hot Tub Heater Parts - No matter what the brand and model of your Hot Tub, we will be able to help you keep that water hot! We stock many different heating elements, thermostats, and housings. We specialize in Jacuzzi and Sundance, but we can certainly help you with any other brand or model that you need.
  • Hot Tub Jets and Waterfalls - What’s a Hot Tub without working jets? A tub of Hot Water. You’ve got to have the swirl! Regardless of the type of jet you have, oscillating, spinning, adjustable, pinpoint, or any of the other thousands of types of jets, WE CAN HELP!
  • Hot Tub Lighting and Parts - Boy these have come along way over the years. It used to be there was one white light in a Hot Tub, and now there are LED lighted multicolor light shows, cupholders, lighted jets, waterfalls, and perimeter lighting. No matter what your lighting need is, we can get you the parts you need to keep your lighting up to snuff. We even have the older lighting parts if you aren’t ready for an upgrade!
  • Hot Tub Pillows - We keep a vast selection of original factory pillows for Jacuzzi and Sundance Hot Tubs. We also can get other brand and models, as well as some aftermarket all purpose pillows for you. Rest your head while you soak!!
  • Hot...

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