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Jacuzzi Suites in Michigan City

This guestroom is located in the back building on the top floor across from the elevator. It has a connecting room door, and a partial lake view. We were happy with the balcony and the view; however, we wished we had chosen the same price suite guestroom instead of the Jacuzzi guestroom.

This property is old, and I did not think it was very well maintained or clean. The overall size of the guestroom was spacious.

The bathroom is located near the entrance. Bathing amenities and a hairdryer were provided in the vanity area, although there was no usable counter area. I neglected to take a photo of the vanity. You can somewhat visualize the size of the sink area by looking at the fridge area in the guestroom, as the vanity is located directly behind this. A closet with a mirrored door was located in the vanity area across from the counter.

The toilet is in a separate room next to the shower. The Jacuzzi tub is located between the shower and bedroom area, and the wall is open. There is a shade hanging next to the tub; however, when my husband tried adjust it, it fell off the ceiling. Fortunately, he was able to reattach it.
unclean tub
We did not use the Jacuzzi tub because it was so filthy. Sometimes, I will use the tub in a hotel guestroom after washing it out myself; however, I did not think any cleaning on my part would have made the tub in this guestroom usable. In addition to the water stains, there was built up dirt around the water jets, which probably would have spurted all over, if we had filled the tub and turned the jets on.

The kitchen/wet bar area contained a small fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and supplies, a sink, ice bucket, and a few dishes in the cupboard.

The spacious sitting and sleeping area contained a king size bed, nightstands, lamps, fireplace, sofa, coffee table, flatscreen TV on an armoire, and a desk and chair. The bedding looked clean, and the bed comfort was acceptable. The sofa comfort and cleanliness were not the best, and the carpet was somewhat discolored from use.

I had trouble getting the Internet to work correctly, and I needed to get the sign on page URL from an employee at the front desk. Occasionally, when I travel, the hotel sign in page does not automatically load or pop-up, and I need to manually type it in, or I need to contact the help desk to give them my IP address. After I typed in the sign on page, and agreed to the terms and conditions, the Internet worked fine.

The sunset view from the balcony was beautiful. All hotels in Michigan are non-smoking; however, the guests next to us were smoking on their balcony. I do not think the non-smoking rule applies to outside areas, like the balcony, although I am not sure.

Pool area and whirlpool tub
The outside pool in front of the check-in building was not open yet for the season during our stay. There was a whirlpool tub in one of the towers in our building. Information about this tub was not in the guestroom directory, and we were not told about it at check-in. I knew about the tub because I had read about it online, so I called the front desk to ask where it is located. The water temperature in the tub was good. The area needed a bit of minor cleanliness attention, although it was not filthy.
Food & Beverages
Continental breakfast was included, and it was served in the main building where the front desk is located. Basic food items were offered: coffee, tea, milk, juice, bananas, cold cereal, oatmeal, waffle maker, and white breads. The breads were individually wrapped as if to keep them fresh longer. Even so, the bread items and the bananas were not fresh.

In the evening, we ate at Stafford's Weathervane Terrace in front of the hotel, which is actually not part of the hotel. The food and service in the restaurant was very good.

Misc. and overall
It is an easy walk to town and even to the grocery store on the south end of town from the hotel. The parking spots in the parking lot at the hotel are very small.

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