Jacuzzi rooms Tyler TX // Jakuzzi - whirlpool bathtubs and hot tub spas

Suites Tyler, Tyler, Texas

Jacuzzi rooms Tyler TX

While priceline and everyone else said there was no availability, a call to the motel proved otherwise.

It IS a motel...and that means VERY busy late at night, not so during the day, you hear EVERYTHING outside in the morning, but that's because your door faces outside (of course you still hear EVERYTHING outside)...etc etc.

However, this place must have just been remodeled or built because it was very clean, EVERYTHING. The ceiling has a sky and clouds background painted on it...kinda neat...the bathtub walls looked granite (but weren't really).

The pool is tiny, but at night the lights change colors, kinda neat.

I prefer my door to my room to be indoors but if you were to stay in a motel instead of a hotel then I woudn't stay at any other place then here...top notch...THE best motel I've seen or stayed in!

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