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Jacuzzi rooms in Ireland

dublin en suite jacuzzi at the bracken court hotelFor a jacuzzi suite in Dublin with class and high end luxury, by designer John Rocha, you might consider The Penthouse accomodation at the Morrison Hotel in Dublin, which includes a huge jacuzzi complete with frosted glass wall overlooking the master bedroom. The suites comes complete with robes, kama toilettries and aromatherapy candles.

First up, the hugely popular Citywest Hotel, which in case you don’t know, is about 15km from Dublin city centre and 20km from Dublin airport. This Dublin hotel hosted the 2006 ryder cup gala dinner and also offers superior rooms which have an en-suite jacuzzi bath, super deluxe king sized beds and plasma tv. The recent addition of 167 superior rooms means that you have an excellent chance of getting a jacuzzi room there. Plus don’t miss the €35 off voucher when upgrading to one of these rooms…

Next up, the Herbert Park hotel in fashionable D4 Ballsbridge. Touted as a boutique hotel, it houses chic executive rooms on the 5th floor. These rooms come complete high ceilings and have an suite Jacuzzi bath. Expect to pay around €170 to €200 per night.

What about the Roxford Lodge Hotel, again located in Ballsbridge and within walking distance of the city. The Roxford Lodge is interesting in that its another boutiqeuy type hotel but you know right away from its victorian exterior that this hotel has bags of character. Perhaps you want to remain anonomous in a large chain hotel. Thats fine. But remember that the service and experience won’t be the same.You could opt for a double room at about €100 per night and most of these rooms have a sauna aswell as a jacuzzi bath. A nice touch is the complimentary tea and coffee served throughout the day. Double the price you are willing to pay to around €200 per night and you could have the executive suite which comes complete with large sauna and large jacuzzi bath, four poster bed, kitchen, bar, study/computer room AND a complimentary bottle of wine, box of handmade Irish chocolates and fresh fruit when you arrive.

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