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Jacuzzi room Ann Arbor MI

They have changed out some of the tubs and the new ones are great. New flooring around the tubs. New mats which are very tough on my feet - so bring some flip flops or something else if you have sensitive feet.

They have rooms that are totally indoors, some with a partial roof, and most totally outside. Some have waterfalls and others have fireplaces. The smallest tubs are for a max of 3 people, but they have much bigger ones. Some are deeper than others. The Borneo room at A2 is the largest tub I've tried. After a soak you are welcome to peak in and check rooms that aren't occupied.

The jets are fixed and the bubbler strong. Lights in tub for nighttime fun. Shower and changing area in all the rooms. Ann Arbor rooms have no bathroom, others do. (But there is one down the hall.)

They have an ipod/ipad dock so you can play your own music - bring an adapter if you have a new one. Their music is OK, if you don't have one - or you can go without music. No worries about overhearing your neighbors.

Kids are welcome. (They even do kids birthday parties!) Bathing suits optional.

The place is CLEAN - really clean. If you read their website you'll understand why. The water you relax in constantly being filtered and chlorinated.

They replace their towels frequently, but I like to take a big one. So if you're fussy about your towels - bring one along.

They sell various drinks and I highly recommend you get a water (or bring your own.) It comes with a $4.00 off coupon. No bubble bath allowed :(.

If you go when it's cold outside you can easily stay in for 2 hours - in the heat of summer, even with the temp turned down you may last only an hour. You can have your tub any temp you want. It take only a few minute to warm up or cool down.

If you have a favorite tub, or plan to go after dinner - reservations strongly recommended. I've called from a neighboring restaurant and all but 1 time got in and 1 time had to wait 30 minutes. If you arrive late with a reservation you may lose some of your time, but they will do their best to let you stay your full time unless they have a reservation for your tub. On a slow afternoon they sometimes forget to give you a call and you end up with an extra 15 minutes or so.

Disability Access is a bit dicey. No problems getting into the building or into your room or the bathrooms. The tubs have one rail to hold onto to step into the tub. Some steps are easier to navigate than others. I take my scooter right up to the edge of the tub and grab on to the handrail. I can stand a short period of time, but I would not attempt it alone. Some tubs are set so the tub is flat to the floor and others have a raised platform - the platform ones can be hard to negotiate. I know some people have Medicaid or Medicare cover the cost of a weekly soak when doctor prescribed. And at least one person brings a Hoyer lift when they come. I really wish they would make one room more accessible with a second hand rail near the existing one.

If you think you want to go 1 1/2 hours or nighttime - buy a membership. Just two visits and you're saving money.

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