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Jacuzzi tub Hotel rooms Phoenix

If you read any of my other hotel reviews, you will see I am a bit of a "softie." I tend to let little things go, respect the staff wherever I am, and generally just point out the little things that may be a bit off. This review is your warning. Expect as little as possible so you will not be disappointed.

It all started at check-in. I had won a VIP certificate at a charity silent auction, and booked two nights for a relaxing, in-town getaway with the family. However, I was told by Carlos, in a somewhat stern way that because they were more than 80% booked, they could only honor one night of my VIP award. WTF!?! Apparently, since I called the 800 number to book the reservation, the Tempe location had no record of the reservation. Fortunately, I had printed out a copy of the email which clearly showed I had booked the nights as a VIP, so Carlos begrudgingly said they would honor my coupon. (So much for starting a relaxing weekend.)

The rooms are fine. We had an executive suite with a spacious living area. But whoever designed this place needs to explain how you can have the fan from the air conditioner blowing DIRECTLY on one of the two beds.

In this newly remodeled and "under new management" property, the ice machine next to the pool was "out of order." No telling how long that sign was posted. Great service in the 97 degree Arizona sun.

It took two tries (at 9:30 am) to get fresh towels by the pool. Shouldn't that be part of normal maintenance?

The pool is small and certainly undersized for the number of rooms. It was crowded, and some guests had obviously figured that out. We watched two people throw their stuff on one of the two tabels poolside, and then leave for the next several hours. of course, with no one monitoring the pool, for things like, say fresh towels, this sort of behavior is likely commonplace.

Oh, did I mention that when we went to sit by the pool we had to remove a few empty beer cans from where we were sitting?

There is a sitting area upstairs from the pool area. I happened to stroll by it once. It was apparently a cigarette smokers refuge, judging by all the butts on the ground.

The exercise room consists of three machines and a few free weights. There were towels, but no water. Am I being too "fussy" asking for a drinking fountain? Yes, a water cooler would be even nicer, but remember what I wrote earlier about lowering your expectations!

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