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Jacuzzi tub Hotel Little Rock AR

What a great experience. Celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary, I choose The Empress Of Little Rock based solely on the previous reviews and the beautiful pics on the website. We were not disappointed. Lisa, Deborah, and Bob were wonderful host and we look forward to returning. Jonesboro, Arkansas

1st B&B


A little more flexibility on breakfast time, nearly made us late for our scheduled tour.

Lost: Charm. $200 Reward.


We were really looking forward to staying at the Empress, near the end of our trip through the South. After staying in other amazing places along the way, this place was distinctly underwhelming. When we arrived the innkeeper was very friendly and hospitable. But the long explanations of what we were not allowed to do were a little insulting. I'm not sure if everyone is instructed that ironing should be done on the ironing board rather than the bed. I would probably save that for children. The notices placed around the place were similarly off-putting. Don't touch the thermostat. Don’t roll your suitcase down the steps. While it can help to provide instructions, word them to show people what they should do, rather than what they shouldn’t do. I felt like I was being told off. We stayed in the Victoria's Garden Suite, which was cute, but dated. That would be ok if it was clean, and priced accordingly. This place claims to be boutique and luxury, and I do not object to the price tag that comes with that, but with that price tag comes standards, that this place just didn't meet. It also felt a little corporate for a boutique B&B. I don't want signs in my bedroom about what I can buy in the gift shop. It's tasteless. Also tasteless was the self-congratulatory bio of the owners, in a laminated folder in our room. It's nice to learn about people's lives. But this was more like a history of the owners' climbing the AT&T corporate ladder. We also briefly used the whirlpool in our room (after reading the instructions (!)) only to discover an unsightly scum and dead ants across the bubbling water. Ew. It's hard to criticize this place because they really do smother you with their Southern hospitality. I've read their defensive responses to the (few) negative reviews, and I hope this is taken as a constructive criticism, rather than insinuating that I am "slamming" the place for a "difference in taste" or that I didn't read the website properly.

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