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Hot tub supplies are available for all of our Sundance Spas hot tubs. From covers to steps, extras can enhance your hot tub in a number of ways, making your spa experience the best it can be. Some hot tub supplies are the essentials that every spa owner will want, while others can be used to create an even more luxurious feeling for you and your guests.

Some of the most widely used hot tub supplies are locking spa covers. These covers not only keep your hot tub water cleaner when you’re not using it; they also save you money by trapping the heat inside and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your hot tub. Sundance® locking covers also help to avoid unwanted, unauthorized access of your spa, and they are available in colors to coordinate with your hot tub.

One of the featured upgrades in hot tub supplies are our SunStrong™ spa covers, which are available for the Select™ Series hot tubs. They are made with premium outdoor Sunbrella® fabric, a patented, highly durable fabric that comes in a variety of colors to match your spa, is easy to clean, and has a 3-year warranty.

Once you have your cover, hot tub lifters are a great way to make removing the cover smooth and painless. Easy-installation spa cover-lifters offer convenience and efficiency to any spa experience. Spa cover-lifters are available for virtually all spa styles and shapes.

Practical hot tub supplies include spa filters and accessories to keep your spa water clear and clean. Luxury hot tub supplies can help you customize the environment around your spa. Planters (just add seasonal color) naturally enhance the beauty of the surroundings, while stools and steps make it easier to enjoy using your Sundance hot tub. Available in colors that match the spa cabinetry, spa steps and stools help to make entry and exit into your spa safe and easy, all while giving your hot tub a finished look.

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  • We will deliver to your residence in 7-10 days. Feel secure - we have made covers for 24 years.
  • Feel safe - our hot tub covers are backed with a 5 year warranty. Order directly via our web site.
  • Order using your spa brand - we have most dimensions
  • Create a cover to suit your needs with our exclusive Design-Your-Own ordering system.
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