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Jacuzzi Hot tub electrical hookup

When you want to relax, a hot tub, spa, or Jacuzzi is an excellent way to eliminate stress. A bathroom shower steam generator can turn your bathroom into a relaxing, warm atmosphere with plenty of health benefits. Whether you want a hot tub installed adjacent to your outside pool, or a spa inside of your house, having the electrical work done right is key. TriStarโ€™s expert electricians have years of experience with this type of project.

Hooking up hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzis requires attention to detail and experience, traits that you will find in our electricians. These skills come in handy when water and electricity are the two major elements in a project. TriStar electricians take a great amount of care when working on these projects, whether they are indoors or outdoors.

TriStar Electric can properly wire and connect shower steam generators. Our experience and knowledge allows us to recommend quality equipment, which you can purchase separately and have us wire and connect. Once the job is completed, you will be able to enjoy the healthy, soothing benefits of steam in your own bathroom.

The first step we take at TriStar is to meet with you and discuss the project. In addition to taking exact measurements, we also examine the project from other angles, and if a new outlet or switch is required, we factor that into our final proposal. No matter what the project requires, we can do it.

Installing the electricity for your new hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi will be handled by one of our experienced electricians. The area will be prepared and then the project completed. We are very familiar with most major brands, and the power supply they require.

No matter if the unit is being placed inside or outside, we make sure the wiring and other work is hidden from sight. Burying wires, or fishing them along walls and ceilings, is no problem. Should a switch need to be added, we can do that without damaging existing drywall or other structures. We also are experts when it comes to knowing the codes and safety regulations related to these types of projects.

Once the electricity has been hooked up, the hot tub, spa, or Jacuzzi can be installed. We are used to working with other contractors on projects, and if any communication needs to take place, we will take care of it. This way, the only task on your list is to decide when and how you will relax in your new hot tub!

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  • Fits in a single-gang junction box and is rated for outdoor installations
  • Easy shut down procedure of the connected equipment by simply moving the large red lever to the OFF position
  • Electric grade plastic housing
  • Beige powder coated steel face plate
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