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Jacuzzi Hot tub Diverter valves

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  1. Remove the used diverter valve. When it concerns some of the models, the valve is pulled right off the primary casing in the hot tub on removal of the cap. The case for others is that these might need to be undone from their screw using a screwdriver or wrench. The position of the diverter valve differs greatly on the basis of the model of hot tub which you own. Follow the user manual in case you are unaware of where you will be able to find it. It appears like a 3-way section of piping which has a popping cylinder.


  2. Put the fresh valve inside the opening in which the old valve is located. It needs to slide in proper place and connect.
  3. Secure the valve in the proper place by reinserting the screws or fastening the bolts that you undid while taking out the old valve.
  4. Place back the cap on the valve. Restore the power source and turn on the water as well as turn on the jets to make sure that the fresh valve appropriately.Other Factors to Consider

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  • If there is no water that is flowing inside the valve, you will feel that there is little or total lack of resistance in the valve. Make sure that the water is flowing through the valve before estimating that there is a problem.
  • In case there is a leakage in the valve when it turns on, the inner insert is perhaps broken and requires replacement. The insert presses against the seal thus preventing the water from leaking out. The valve insert will require replacement.

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  • Maintenance-Free Diverter Seal
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Pentair Pentair 263027 2-Inch 2-Way CPVC Diverter Valve
Lawn & Patio (Pentair)
  • 2-Way CPVC diverter valve
  • Maintenance-free; high flow rate and fiberglass reinforced handle
  • withstands pressure up to 150 PSI and chemical-resistant; used for diverting, shut-off or mixing applications
  • Field-adjustable stop positions; plumbed with inlet at any port
  • Measures 2-inch
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