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Difference between spa Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Today, there is virtually no difference between the label of “hot tub” and “spa.” Originally, hot tubs were made of wood; but through time, manufacturers began making them with plastic-type materials such as acrylic and wanted to differentiate the name, so the name “spa” was used to refer to the newly-evolved tubs. Most hot tub suppliers use the two labels interchangeably, but the hours of pleasure the product provides is the same!

Should I purchase an indoor or outdoor spa?

Consider the following:

Indoor Spa - advantages

  • Can be used anytime within the day or year
  • No need for a spa cover
  • Offers more privacy
  • Comes in variety of sizes to fit room

Indoor Spa – disadvantages

  • Can be troublesome to transport/implement into house
  • Extreme moisture can influence a room’s exterior structure so extra ventilation may be necessary
  • Waterproof floor needed and spa warrants the ability of the floor to withstand the weight

Outdoor Spa – advantages

  • Enjoyment of outdoor scenery (even during colder months)
  • Less troublesome to transport/implement into yard
  • Availability of multiple users and visitors
  • Can be implemented into enclosed fixture such as gazebo to imitate indoor setting

Outdoor Spa – disadvantages

  • Warrants spa cover
  • Additional cleaning is needed due to outdoor debris
  • Usage may be limited due to weather conditions

Can my outdoor spa be placed in-ground?

Yes, most portable spas can be placed in-ground. Some people supplement a pool purchase with that of a spa, so both can be implemented at the same time. The in-ground process is more involved, thus likely costing additional money for any needed electrical and plumbing work.

How many people can fit in a hot tub?

Hot tub manufacturers showcase the number of possible occupants along with other initial information. Consider the overall comfort of your occupants. It is wise to overcompensate for intended users when purchasing a multi-person spa.

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