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I ll take The Lafayette for

Lafayette Hotel San Diego Jacuzzis

I'll take The Lafayette for $800 Alex. Everything you wanted to know about the Lafayette, and maybe even some things you didn't.

How far are you from the San Diego Airport?
5 miles as the crow flies. Or about a $20 cab ride.

Where can I park? Is it free?
There are multiple guest parking options available. When you arrive for check-in, pull into the front driveway on El Cajon Boulevard and we'll give you the scoop on the best place to park depending on your room location. Parking at the hotel is $8 per night.

Where is the Lafayette Hotel located?
North Park, quite possibly the coolest neighborhood in San Diego. We're the closest hotel to the San Diego Zoo, only 3.5 miles from downtown, and easily accessed by just about every San Diego Freeway you can think of.

Is there wireless Internet at the Lafayette? What does it cost?
Yup. Best of all, it's totally free. Surf the internet until you can't surf no more.

Is there a smoking area at the hotel?
Lafayette is a 100% smoke free property. However there is a designated smoking area outside the fence to the east of the lobby.

What time can I check in? What time do I need to check out?
3pm. Check out is at 11am. If you've hit the snooze button you may request a noon checkout.

Where can I grab some breakfast? What time does it start?
In our restaurant, HOPE 46 Classic American Cuisine. Breakkie starts at the crack of dawn, 7am.

Do you allow pets?
Unfortunately not. However right next door is Bark Boulevard where you can board your pet in first class accommodations, and visit them anytime. Just mention the Lafayette Hotel for a special rate!

Bark Boulevard
Canine Services & Activity Center
2311 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92104
Convenient North Park - University Heights Location
(El Cajon Boulevard & Texas Street)
(619) 255-0980

* Must call ahead for reservations - mention the Lafayette Hotel for a special rate!
* Must meet all facility requirements, please inquire by calling or visiting the Bark Boulevard Website

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
An African or European swallow?

Do I need a credit card to check-in?
Yes. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

I've heard the pool scene is rather popular, can you tell me about it?
Indeed. Our historic pool has gained a large and devoted following of friends, neighbors, and hotel guests. During the summer months it becomes quite lively with good people and great entertainment, including "Dive In Movies" and special menu!

Can I reserve a pool chair?
Pool chairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for both overnight hotel guests and paying swim club members. The pool opens at 7:00a.m. so come early and stay all day!

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