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Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit, an international b2b boutique and lifestyle hotel conference, is delighted to announce Hotel Indigo and Jacuzzi Bath and Spa as Gold Sponsors for the 2014 event, which is being held at the Montcalm Hotel, London, on May 12th and 13th.

Event organiser Piers Brown said: “We’re delighted to welcome two internationally recognised brands as our latest Sponsors. InterContinental's Hotel Indigo is one of the leading lifestyle flags established by a major hotel chain, and prides itself on the neighbourhood feel of its properties. Jacuzzi is a household name, and has a major focus on spa and wellness products for the hotel sector.”

Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit is Europe's only b2b conference for the booming international boutique and lifestyle hotel sector. Both small independents and large multi-nationals are investing heavily to establish a presence in this exciting market and hotels tailored to this sector are opening at an ever-increasing rate. The conference features sessions on spa and wellness, F&B, finance, country house hotels, engagement and loyalty, and the evolving role of general managers.

About Hotel Indigo

We love the fact that we’re different, right down to our local take on design. We’re all about the neighbourhoods we’re in and we take every opportunity to share them with our guests. Hotel Indigo combines the individuality of a boutique hotel with the consistency and reliability of a branded hotel. We go out of our way to make our neighbourhoods easy to discover and appreciate. The neighbourhood setting, modern design and our commitment to inspired service are what set Hotel Indigo apart. That is why we appeal to the upscale guest who is well-travelled, has an eye for design, an appreciation for art and is looking for something different.

About Jacuzzi Bath and Spa

Since re-inventing hydrotherapy in 1956 to establish its modern day form, our globally renowned brand has continued to innovate and lead the world of wellness. Jacuzzi® Original Wellness for Hotels is therefore the logical choice for hoteliers seeking differentiation and performance focused wellness products, experience is everything.

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