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Used Hot tub cover for Sale

Avoid problems with second hand hot tubs

Don't Get Soaked!

If you are even considering the purchase of a used spa (and the daunting task of moving it) keep in mind: it can be a somewhat risky proposition, even for the very committed do-it-yourselfer.

We'll show you how to evaluate second-hand hot tubs: where to find one, what to look for, and how to spot defects to avoid the shock and expense of buying somebody else's problems.

Don't do this! Read about proper Hot Tub Wiring

Don't make the decision to spend a dime on a used tub until you've considered all of the issues that will immediately confront you after writing that check:

  • Moving the spa from the seller's location to your house
  • Site preparation and setup
  • Electrical wiring and hookup
  • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Repair expense after setup

junk carBefore you start shopping, take a test dip in our online Spa Simulator, especially if you've never owned one before. You'll likely have some repair work ahead of you, and this will give you a good basic understanding of how hot tubs work.

CAUTION: Electrical repairs and wiring work can be dangerous, especially around water. Wiring and repairs must be made by a qualified electrician or spa technician in accordance with the National Electrical Code and local code requirements. Regardless of who performs the work, make certain that all electrical power to the hot tub or spa is disconnected prior to making any inspections or repairs.

sun damage of shellShut the power off at the service panel, and as a secondary precaution, disconnect the power to the spa as well. Do not attempt to perform electrical service connections or repairs unless you are qualified.

Finding a Good Used Spa

Although a spa store might seem the logical place to start shopping, buying a used hot tub from a dealer should really be your last resort. Dealers are in the business of selling new spas. Most will have a pre-owned junker or two on the premises, but if you show interest they will likely try to lure you into buying one of their expensive new spas. To make similar profits on a used model, they would have to price it well above its value, much like the tactics of used car salesmen. See Salesman Tricks to avoid.

The best place to start is the classified section of your local newspaper, especially if you live in a larger town. Families are often forced to sell their hot tubs when they move, and these operational spas are sometimes good candidates for consideration.

Online auction sites are not reliable sources for used hot tubs for two good reasons: shipping is impractical for most sellers, and buying one sight-unseen is far too risky.

How Much Should You Pay?

This is a difficult question, and will depend upon a number of factors including the age of the spa, condition, and features. Unfortunately for both the buyer and the seller, the price that the seller paid for his hot tub has little relationship to its second-hand resale value. We'll explain.

Acrylic shell cracks and leaks Spa shell cracks PlastAid acrylic repair compound Equipment access panel removed

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