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Jacuzzi Hot tub light Covers


PowerPro® NX2 Jets (10)

Advanced NX2 Jacuzzi Hot Tub Jets effectively relieve tension and strain in the sensitive (and hard-to-reach) neck area with a highly focused stream of water. Change the direction by adjusting the nozzle and intensity of the massage by turning the jet face.

PowerPro® FX Jets (18)

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs introduced these jets, with their unique directional rifling action that creates a spiral stream of air and water – perfect for stimulating small muscle groups. Fully adjustable for high or low pressure, exclusive PowerPro FX Jets have a rejuvenating effect and can help overworked, overstressed muscles and joints.

PowerPro® FX Large Rotational Jets (5)

Patent-pending jets that deliver intense hydrotherapy without moving parts, the jets are the larger, more powerful version of the original Jacuzzi FX jets. Their distinct spiral action produces a surging stream of air and water that provides a vigorous massage to larger muscles in the back and shoulder areas.

PowerPro IX Jets (1)

Jacuzzi_JET_FXMiniJacuzzi Hot Tubs PowerPro IX Jets create a dramatic stream of light and effervescence. The IX Jet merges maximum airflow with high-output LED lighting, sending multicolored, champagne-like bubbles from the bottom of the hot tub to the surface.

PowerPro® FX Small Jets (8)

Based in the FX technology, the FX Small Jets are perfect for a focused massage on key pressure point areas, such as your feet. The jets are adjustable, making it easy for a spot-on foot massage.

PowerPro® FX Rotational Jets (6)

Using the same FX technology, the PowerPro® FX Rotational Jet focuses on smaller muscle groups with a kneading effect to stimulate surrounding tissue.

PowerPro RX Jets (11)

The spinning action of the new patent-pending PowerPro RX hot tub jet is fully adjustable. Simply turn the dial on the face to customize the pressure or turn off the jet action entirely. Modest in size, the RX Jet covers a sizable area, reaching the key muscles and nerves of the back for a pampering hydromassage.

PowerPro MX2 Jets (3)

Based on the form and function of the original Jacuzzi jet created 50 years ago, the new-generation, patented Jacuzzi Hot Tub MX2 Jets deliver maximum volume at a higher air-to-water ratio. PowerPro MX2 Jets are strategically located to deliver a bold massage, especially effective for muscles in the lower back.

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Strong Industries Strong Spas SS14120300 G-2 28 Jet Spa
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  • Indestructible resin cabinet
  • Seats 6 People
  • Lounger and foot jet
  • All-weather stainless steel heater
  • Plug and Play
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  • Free Curbside Delivery
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  • Ultra tough fiber tech construction allows 4 people to be seated at once
  • Easy digital controls with digital read out
  • Included are 4 colour changing LED floating mood lights (see illustration)
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty
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