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Jacuzzi Hot tub Covers for Sale

Experience the dual luxury of space and intimacy with the four-person hot tub as it offers enough space for your four-person party without compromising a cozy setting.

Though this tub is a space-saving solution, it features just as many hydrotherapy and massage benefits as its larger counterparts. The smaller-scale tub includes impressive state-of-the-art Jacuzzi™ jets, which give each of your guests an individualized massage experience from their necks to their feet. While the contoured seating on these mid-sized hot tubs perfectly positions you and your guests for maximum relaxation.

When you’re looking to invite a few friends over to relax and soak without inviting over the entire neighborhood, consider our 4-person tub collections. The J-325™ model features space for four along with 21 pulsating therapy jets for a rejuvenating massage. Another enticing option is the J-425™ model, which packs impressive massaging power with its PowerPro® jets, while also featuring a soothing WaterColour™ waterfall for an extreme oasis.

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Hot-tub, jacuzzi 6-7 seater for sale on ebay-look at link.
Jacuzzi, hot-tub 6-7 seater for sale (Ebay).
Jacuzzi, hot-tub 6-7 seater for sale (Ebay).
Jacuzzi For Sale
Jacuzzi For Sale
BeyondNice.com Thickest Hot Tub Covers -Spa Covers - 6" thick for maximum insulation
Lawn & Patio (BeyondNice.com)
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