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Jacuzzi Hot tub Covers cost

– Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, a global leader in the hot tub industry, is taking the hassle and high costs out of owning a hot tub with their low maintenance, energy efficient hot tubs that conserve heat and lower operating costs.

“Nearly every aspect of Jacuzzi hot tubs is designed for energy efficiency, from the proprietary Trifusion System™ shell construction to the jet pumps to the insulating cover, ” said Sr. Product Manager, Larry Ovalle. “Not only do all Jacuzzi hot tubs meet strict energy consumption standards from the California Energy Commission, they also save energy and save our customers money in operating costs.”

Jacuzzi hot tubs start with superior heat retention from their proprietary Rigid Bond shell construction, and are full-foam insulated. Some hot tub manufacturers place insulation solely along the floors or inside the cabinets for a “partially insulated” hot tub, but Jacuzzi hot tubs feature two different types of foam completely filling the compartments along the shell, and the other open areas inside the cabinet, making them among the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market.

All of Jacuzzi’s energy efficient jet pumps cost effectively produce high-performance jet power, and their programmable circulation pumps are engineered to heat, filter and sanitize in a highly efficient way to further reduce energy usage. By creating a strong and reliable flow through every jet, the jet pumps create a vigorous massage action while the low amp circulation pump works steadily to ensure clean, hot water is always available.

Even Jacuzzi’s hot tub accessories are energy efficient. All of Jacuzzi’s hot tub covers are constructed with high density foam covered by weather resistant material that insulates the hot tub and saves energy. All of the lights used in their hot tubs are made with LED technology to last longer, cost less, and produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs.

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About Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
Jacuzzi® is the name that defines the hot tub and whirlpool bath experiences. Social and private, fun and relaxing, Jacuzzi completely satisfies and leaves you wanting more. Known for innovation, Jacuzzi is the company that started the modern hot tub industry.

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