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New Water System for Maintaining Fresh Water

Exciting news for Jacuzzi hot tub spa owners! Yes, you can get the innovative CLEARRAY Water System for pre-2012 hot tub models (going back to 2006). What’s special about CLEARRAY is that it uses UV-C technology to make water care virtually effortless, and it allows you to cut down on the use of sanitizing chemicals.

Contact your local dealer for information about purchasing a CLEARRAY aftermarket kit.

Imagine a system that treats waterborne pathogens without creating chemicals, odors or by-products. If you or your family members are sensitive to the effects of hot tub spa chemicals – dry, itchy skin and red eyes – you’ll enjoy your hot tub so much more with the CLEARRAY system. No more dryness or burning eyes. The ultraviolet germicidal disinfection that helps keep your Jacuzzi hot tub spa water clean and fresh won’t damage the hot tub spa equipment either.

A chart found in the latest Jacuzzi brochures compares CLEARRAY to ozone and salt systems. No surprise: CLEARRAY offers the most benefits in all seven categories. Use CLEARRAY in your hot tub spa along with the ProClear Mineral Cartridge and you’ll have the cleanest, softest water possible.

Download a brochure to learn more about the CLEARRAY Water System.

You don’t have to buy a brand-new Jacuzzi hot tub to take advantage of the best water system on the market. Ask your local dealer about the CLEARRAY aftermarket kit, and start spending more time in your hot tub and less time on maintenance.

Jacuzzi owners already know this: when summer ends, hot tub usage heats up. The weather gets cooler, kids start new sports activities, and in general, everyone spends more time at home. It’s prime season for spas and hot tubs, so make sure yours is ready for action.

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