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Hot tub cover repair Kit

Holes in your hot tub cover can be caused by many circumstances. You may set a hot drink on the cover for a few moments. The cover may slip into the hot tub over the winter and freeze to the fiberglass, or it may be torn by a sudden wind shear that lifts an edge. Small holes in your hot tub cover can be repaired easily and effectively following the directions below.

Step 1: Check the Depth of the Hole

If the hole has penetrated through the foam backing of the hot tub cover, you will need to patch the foam as well as the outer vinyl. If the hole is only through the vinyl, you can patch it with a vinyl patch repair kit using a patch that matches your hot tub cover.

Step 2: Purchase Repair Supplies

You should find a vinyl patch repair kit and some marine-grade vinyl, used for boat and pool covers, at a pool store or where you purchased your hot tub. A repair kit should cost about $20, and you may be able to pick up some vinyl remnants from custom-made covers at little or no charge. Otherwise, a sheet of vinyl 12 square inches should be enough for patches.

Step 3: Trim Off the Edges of the Hole

Use the sharp leather scissors to trim off filaments of vinyl at the edge of the hole. The neater and smoother the edge of the hole, the better the vinyl glue will hold.

Step 4: Cut the Patch to Overlap the Hole

For a 1-inch by 1-inch hole, cut a square patch 1-1/2 inches on each side. For holes 2 inches across or more, add 1 inch to each side of the patch. Round off the corners slightly so the patch will not curl when it is glued.

Step 5: Clean The Vinyl Around the Hole

Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean off dirt, sand, leaf mold and other stains in the area where you will put the patch. With a small piece of fine 120 grit sandpaper, roughen the cover surface slightly, to help the vinyl glue adhere better. Do not sand at the edges of the hole itself.

Step 6: Apply the Vinyl Adhesive

Apply the vinyl glue to both the patch and the cover surface around the hole. Press down on the patch from the center outward and hold it in place with a heavy book or a brick for several hours. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before lifting or moving the cover.

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