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Hot tub cover repair do it yourself

Hot tub covers are one of the most important parts of your hot tub. This is especially true if the hot tub is kept outside in the natural elements. In these conditions, your hot tub cover can go through extreme changes between hot and cold, and wet and dry, which can lead to severe damage over time.

Maintenance Schedule

You might not think that your hot tub cover will need a maintenance schedule, but it is a good idea to take three different times of the year to clean, or make any repairs to your hot tub cover.

  • Spring - After the winter season, whether you used your hot tub or not, perform simple cleaning and maintenance observations.
  • Summer - Halfway through the summer months, give your hot tub cover another cleaning and maintenance check.
  • Fall - Before you put the hot tub away for the winter months, or heading into the colder season, make sure that there is nothing that is wearing, or needs replacing.

Small Tears in Vinyl

There are two ways you can easily repair the vinyl top if there are some tears. Depending on the severity you can use a vinyl cement that will cover the repair and also blend in with the top. These cements are generally pretty strong and are a good overall repair method. You could also use some colored duct tape to cover the repairs, but duct tape should be a temporary repair.

Replace Vinyl

Instead of replacing the entire hot tub cover, you could send the measurements of the vinyl cover and send it to the company for a replacement cover.

Rusted Side Clasps

Over time the side clasps will begin to rust, and can eventually wear out and break. If this happens, you can cut out the broken clasp, and sew in a replacement part from any major spa company.

Waterlogged Hot Tub Cover

If the vapor barrier inside the vinyl shell has been ripped, the foam inside can become quickly waterlogged. Remove the foam padding and set aside in a dry place so that the water can be removed through drying. Once dry replace the foam padding and use strong tape to repair the rip on the vapor barrier.

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