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Jacuzzi bath 3D models

Private JetI love airports. There is a special energy there. It’s a feeling of possible adventure, of new discovery, a break from routine. People are generally in good moods there too, because they are on holidays. The thing that makes this 3D model airplane special is the size. This is a super jet. This plane can take a lot of holiday adventures anywhere in your virtual world. This Jumbo can be used for several 3D scenarios. It can be used as a background prop, or the center of your action renders. Is this the presidential plane, under attack, or a rock star’s jet? It can be the airplane that gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle. This Jumbo jet can go anywhere…

3D Model Airplane: Jumbo Jet VIP

This big 3D model airplane is one of the largest built for vacationers, and business travelers.

It has two decks, and a super wide-body. The top deck runs the entire length of the plane.

This model is mind-blowing! It offers 5, 145.1 sq ft of floor space that is fully furnished, with Camera and Light per-sets.

So the action can happen inside the plane or outside. If you want you can fill it full of snakes… Or perhaps it is transporting an ancient Egyptian mummy display, that comes to life, and terrorizes the crew?

Both decks can be turned on or off for easy access. This model is fully loaded with many cool features like moving landing gear and wing flaps, as well as all the doors and curtains are movable, lots of pre-sets, and so much more…

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